industrial joysticks

industrial joysticks

industrial joysticks

Industrial Joysticks

Caldaro´s expertise in industrial joysticks date back to the early eighties and is one of our main area today. Our program of industrial joysticks consists of various amount of base models, each of them with numerous adaptation possibilities.

Industrial joysticks of different models

Fingertip joysticks for sensitive precision tasks, Palm grip joysticks for ergonomic use in the harshest environment and full grip joysticks for heavy duty operations in demanding applications. The majority of our industrial joysticks has a modular design and offer a very cost effective way to meet special application requirements.

We are constantly developing new products and are proud to offer in house development capabilities to meet our customer’s requests about industrial joysticks.

  • Quality that ensures long lifetime with up to 10 000 000 operations.
  • Robust and reliable Joysticks.
  • Temperatures from -50°C to +105°C.
  • Ergonomic and best materials for each component.
  • Optional CAN open interface.
  • Customized joystick designs.
  • Contactless hall sensors or classic potentiometers.

How can we help you with Industrial Joysticks?

With our expertise in materials, design and engineering, we have the knowledge to run projects that fulfill or exceed your requirements and demands.