Over the years we have supplied a vast number of special designed electronic foot pedals for heavy duty throttle-, brake- and retardation control. Each of our 5 basic models are made of tough cast steel and offer numerous adaptation possibilities thanks to their modular design.

Above all, our pedals have become very highly regarded thanks to their ruggedness and dependability. All of them are available with either potentiometer or hall-effect sensor. As with most of our joysticks they can also be configured with redundant analogue outputs as well as digital (switch) signals, typically for idle/neutral validation and kick/step-down.

Apart from typical floor and wall-mount pedals we also offer a wig-wag pedal for control of machine functions such as electro-proportional hydraulic attachments on construction machinery. In addition to our standard range of pedals we also have in-house capability for developing tailored electronic foot pedals, being optimized to suit the intended machine application. Among others, we have developed a combo foot pedal set for lift Trucks.